Alcaldía Local Santa Fe

Bogotá – Colombia

Year: 2019
Location: Bogotá  –  Colombia
Usage: Commercial
Colaboración: Ixa Bachman – Andrés Ortiz – Pablo Zarama
Area: 10525 M2 

The void is the trigger for urban dynamics proposed by this building to be a landmark in the city.
  • The place chosen by the district for the development of the project hinders the call to arouse respect for the institutions. Located in the middle of the block, in front of a tertiary road, with only 3 floors of height allowed, adjacent dividing walls and with a 2-meter wide pavement in front, we chose to make the void the structuring axis of the project.
  • The void is called to complement the urban life of the streets by providing new green, community and free spaces.
  • By means of a stereotomic operation, voids expressed in all their dimensions are constructed. In elevation, plan and section, different voids and thresholds materialize, achieving a unique experience in an institutional building.
  • The program is structured around two large patios through which the sun, the wind and the people enter.