Cabañas VDL

Villa de Leyva – Colombia

Year: 2020
Location: Villa de Leyva  –  Colombia
Use: Hotel and Tourism
Area: 1050 M2

The project is configured as a system of small houses with 2 and 3 rooms camouflaged in the desert of Villa de Leyva.
  • The houses are pavilions structured by a double wing and a central circulation flow. A wing for services, at the rear, and a wing for main spaces, in relation to the landscape.
  • A terrace accompanies all the main spaces, extending their activity to the outside.
  • The brick, the main material of the composition, is painted with a mixture that includes minerals from the ground in order to camouflage the houses in the landscape.
  • The house's layout extends in the direction of the contour lines.