Casa B.I.

Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia

Year: 2017
Location: Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia
Usage: Private Residential
Photograph: Simon Bosch
Area: 460 M2

The house extends on an axis parallel to the contour lines and perpendicular to the path of the sun. In this way, both the social area and the rooms open onto the best view without directly receiving the sun's rays.
  • A large stone wall is the main element of the house. It balances the composition of the house creating two different atmospheres on each of its sides; one social and one intimate.
  • The slope of the lot allows the service wing to be located on a lower floor. In this way, space is freed on the main floor. The result is more open spaces and greater cleanliness in the architectural composition.
  • The house is raised and embedded into the mountain. In this way, patios are formed by the topography and the architecture in the back of the house, and platforms and balconies in the front dominate the landscape.