Casa B.P.

Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia

Year: 2021
Location: Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia
  –  Colombia
Usage: Private Residential

Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 393 M2

The B.P. House separates living spaces from social spaces into two separate volumes. The social volume is raised over the treeline by a technical basement. The bedrooms are juxtaposed in plan but disjointed in section thus accommodating to the natural slope.
  • The plot is an elongated trapezoid with a shorter width than length, and has the uncommon feature of its access being located in the lowest end of the terrain. This produces a conflict between the view towards the landscape and the view from the street into the house.
  • The main challenge faced by the design team was to imbue the living room volume with the best view whilst simultaneously granting it maximum privacy and solar protection. To that end, the living-room volume is oriented along an east-west axis, following the sun 's path, and looking toward the northern hills. This volume sits atop a semi-excavated technical basement which allows it to glance over the trees and prevents pedestrians from looking into it.
  • The bedrooms occupy the plot’s narrowest portion, looking away from the social spaces and climbing up the slope like a staircase in which each step is an individual room.