Casa C.D.

San Juan – Puerto Rico

Year: 2021
Location: San Juan  –  Puerto Rico
Usage: Private Residential
Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 300 M2 

The CD house is a system of 5 free-standing modules connected by a circulation axis whose transit produces an alternation between being inside and being outside.
  • The design of the house seeks to occupy the length of the property, dividing the uses of the house into isolated volumes. In this way each volume/space has more facades, better lighting, ventilation and relationship with the landscape.
  • The volumes are separated according to the type of spaces they contain and are therefore different from each other. Similarly, they are arranged in a sequence that goes from the most public uses to the most intimate uses.
  • The division of the house into modules allows air conditioning to only be used in the space that is being used at a given time, thus reducing energy consumption throughout the year.
  • The house is attached to the north neighbor, turning its back on it and forming a large garden to the south. This, combined with the northern latitude of the place, forces the southern facades to be protected from the sun by means of deep pergolas.