Casa E.M.

La Calera – Colombia

Year: 2021
Location: La Calera  –  Colombia
Usage: Private Residential
Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 500 M2 

The E.M house is an ensemble of brick volumes and flat slabs. The brick volumes grant privacy to the interior spaces and the slabs shield them from the weather. The resulting voids between slabs and volumes become giant windows which look towards the landscape and capture solar radiation.
  • The view of the hills is the lot’s main attribute. The house’s layout takes advantage of the fact that the lot is parallel to these hills in order to arrange the main spaces in a glazed bar and thus provide them all with the best view.
  • The terrain doesn’t fall directly toward’s the valley, but rather diagonally towards the south. The design takes this into account by arranging the building floors into a system of intermediate levels. This reduces the excavation/landfill ratio and optimizes building costs.
  • The front facade comprises a set of brick volumes which contain the secondary spaces and act as a visual barrier towards the road.