Casa J.V.

Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia

Year: 2021
Location: Mesa de Yeguas – Colombia
Usage: Private Residential
Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 840 M2 

The J.V. house is a space limited only by its floor and by its roof, replacing all external walls with an uninterrupted view of the tropical Colombian landscape. Inhabiting the house means the direct experience of nature without the disturbance of rain or sunlight.
  • The house has a C-shaped layout comprised by a social wing, a bedroom wing, and a service wing. All three wings are connected by an open gallery that surrounds a large courtyard.
  • The spaces that require little to no relationship to the landscape are enclosed in compact masonry volumes located towards the street and the nearest neighbor, thus granting privacy to an otherwise extroverted home. 
  • The pervasive openness of the house towards nature is enhanced by the fluidity of the curved circulations and changes of direction.
  • The large voids towards the landscape are always accompanied by large eaves that protect the house from the rain and from direct sunlight.
  • The use of curved surfaces appears again in the pool, which avoids sharp corners and thus creates a single edge underlining the steep hills across the valley. The result is a pool that resembles a natural formation rather than an artifice.
  • The circular staircase occupies the middle of the social área as a sculptural object, and is fixed to a structural column which serves as the only support for the roof of the second story terrace. This liberates the terrace from perimetral supports and grants an uninterrupted view of the valley from high ground.