Casa L.D.

Villeta – Colombia

Year: 2021
Location: Villeta  –  Colombia
Usage: Private Residential
Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 300 M2 

The layout of the L.D. House seeks to optimize the best views of the landscape through the geometric relationship between two main volumes.
  • The plot overlooks the andes mountain range in two directions; to the north lies a distant mountain with scattered rural settlements, and to the west a nearby hill with virgin rainforest is visible behind a tropical treeline. The fundamental purpose of the layout is, therefore, to locate the bedrooms in such a way that both views are available to the living room.
  • Both volumes are aligned according to a north-south axis, separated by a 6m gap, and then displaced and rotated 15° in order to achieve the best visuals without sacrificing their privacy. The angular difference between volumes is reconciled by means of the pool’s geometry, which is dislocated 15° clockwise to look past the bedrooms instead of pointing directly at them.