Casas Prado

Tolima – Colombia

Year: 2021
Location: Tolima  –  Colombia
Usage: Private Residential
Collaborator: Pablo Mejía
Area: 180 M2 /Unit 

Casas Prado are horizontal pavilions that maximize the view over the dam.
  • The project proposes 12 houses on a rock in the Prado reserve.
    The horizontality of the pavilions allows their easy layout on the inclined ground.
  • The composition of each house rescues a traditional type of Colombian rural housing; The pavilion of juxtaposed spaces allows each one to have the best view towards the lagoon. In front of the primary spaces there is a gallery that serves as circulation, balcony and protection from the afternoon sun.
  • Given the complex conditions of the lot, the load-bearing structure in metal profiles facilitates transport and assembly.
  • The complete set appears before the lagoon as a series of platforms that enter into communion with the slope and do not interrupt the view of each other.