Bogotá – Colombia

Year: 2019
Location: Bogotá  –  Colombia
Usage: Commercial
Area: 10525 M2

Our proposal for the public bidding of the CEFE Chapinero sought to combine an adequate programmatic organization with an efficient circulation.
  • The zoning of spaces responds to several criteria. However, the structure, the use of space and the circulation flows are the determining criteria.
  • The pools and the court, being spaces that require large structural spans, are located on the upper floors. In this way, the project structure can have an additional structural axis under said spaces, thus reducing the sections of the beams. The pools are located at the top so that they can receive light from above and enjoy the full view. On the other hand, the cultural program, together with the cafe and the restaurant, seek to have a more direct relationship with the street to activate and interact with the public space.
  • Given the variety of the program, the circulation scheme was one of the most relevant aspects that had to be resolved. From the first floor the five main flows divide. 1) Parking: underground parking lot has two exclusive elevators that reach the first floor. In this way, entry control is facilitated and the parking lot can function independently from the rest of the building. 2) Restaurant: in the same way, the restaurant can function independently from the rest of the building. Access is through a sculptural staircase that crosses the lobby. 3) Auditorium: the auditorium is the space that more people can access at the same time. For this reason it is located near the street and has its own circulation. Once you enter the lobby, you go down one floor by a comfortable staircase to the auditorium lobby. 4) Cultural Zone: the cultural program is spread over the first four floors. It also has its own elevators. 5) Sports-Recreational Zone: located on the upper floors of the building, the sports and recreational program has its own elevators..