Eddi - Reto


Year: 2020
Location: Colombia
Use: Dotacional
Collaborators: Juan Pablo Bravo – Pablo Mejía
Area: 2500 M2 

The public tender to design a prototype of a recreational-sports scenario that can be implemented in different areas of the country must take into account the following factors:
  • Its architecture must attract all population groups.
  • Its bioclimatic profile must maximize ventilation and natural lighting, minimize the direct incidence of solar radiation and collect rainwater on its large roof.
  • The factors listed in the previous point must be met in all environments without subjecting the design to structural changes. One strategy for many results.
  • The design of the covered program must be compact for its easy implementation in any type of lot.
  • The design of the exterior program must be flexible to adapt to the morphology of the lot.
  • It must guarantee the safety and accessibility of people with reduced mobility.