Restaurante Ideal

Bogotá – Colombia

Year, 2021
Location: Bogotá  –  Colombia
Usage: Commercial
Photograph: Angélica Hernandez
Area: 236 M2 

The design employs common construction materials and assembles them in an uncommon fashion, creating a harmonic communion of warm earthy colors and pronounced textures.
  • A local, craft brick cladding lines both walls and floors in a soldier-course bonding pattern. The red tone of the brick is complemented by linear bronce incrustations which sternly contrast the rugged brick texture
  • The plaster, applied solely on walls, is fluted vertically with a trowel and painted with a mixture of white paint and sand. This treatment results in two different gradients; that of the coarser vertical flutes and that of the finer grain of the sand. This texture, like the brick cladding, is also enriched with bronze fixtures.